In-Person and Webinar Preview - Sounding Out: Insulation and Noise Control

Sounding Out: Insulation and Noise Control (0BSP63)

Course Description:

This course reviews the acoustical properties of sound travel and sounds effect on the building interior and its occupants. There will be discussion on one of the most effective ways to attenuate noise from one room to another with the use of specific insulation products. Further discussion will center on sound absorption and noise control. Learners will also discuss the HVAC systems and the ability to insulate sound that travels throughout the building envelop.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe some of the historical background of the field of acoustics
  • Comprehend sustainable design and understand green building standards/code
  • Describe each of the three fundamental properties of sound
  • Explain the importance of background noise in defining the sound problem
  • Explain some of the ways that blocking sound transmission is accomplished
  • Explain the significance of the sound absorption coefficient
  • Describe some of the ways that sound absorption is accomplished
  • Describe a systematic approach to sound control
  • Describe some of the causes of sound problems in HVAC systems
  • Describe two solutions to HVAC noise

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