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This course focuses on those factors that contribute to both the presence and absence of moisture, and hence mold, in framed wall assemblies. It also reviews both the principles and practices that designers should be aware of when designing framed wall assemblies so that they can minimize the problems of moisture and mold.
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Participants will be provided an examination of the year-round benefits of attic ventilation. Participants will be equipped to evaluate and discern the types of ventilation products and how to design and specify optimal ventilation systems. attic performance. Participants will understand the interrelationships between roofing, ventilation and insulation systems within an attic; how they interact and how they must be integrated into an efficient system.
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This course provides an extensive look at how specific publications regarding product selection promote environmentally sustainable buildings. These publications such as LCA, PCR and EPD describe environmental concepts and how these concepts may be of value to architectural firms and building owners pursuing LEED certification.
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This one-hour course provides an extensive review of how the principles of sustainable design are applied in the design of a new or renovated building.


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