In-Person and Webinar Preview - Custom High-Performance Solutions for Acoustic Artistry

Custom High-Performance Solutions for Acoustic Artistry (DEC19_23)

Course Description:

This presentation provides best practices related to specifying creative acoustic solutions for indoor environments. The presentation begins with an outline on why acoustics are an important consideration and how noise and excessive sound can impact productivity, health, and overall experience in an indoor environment. Next, this presentation explores the science of sound and how sound is measured. Also, the material discusses modern options in custom-engineered products that provide high-performance and flexible acoustic designs that offer value-added noise-control solutions without sacrificing creative design and beauty. Finally, this presentation offers real-world case studies that demonstrate how common challenges can be resolved and client goals achieved through knowledgeable and thoughtful custom-engineered acoustic solutions. Once you have completed the course and passed the test you will be receiving an email shortly with your certification information.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain how excessive sound and noise can negatively impact occupants and visitors in indoor environments.
  • Describe how sound is measured and strategies for managing noise.
  • List different types of acoustic solutions available today that offer both noise management and creative aesthetic design options.
  • Discuss how high-performance ceiling and wall solutions contribute to industry standards and certifications.
Credits: AIA 1 AIA

Attend a Webinar:

No webinars are currently scheduled for this course.
Please check back again soon.

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