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  • Do you report to AIA and GBCI (USGBC)?
  • Per the AIA provider guidelines, CertainTeed reports to AIA National regularly but not to AIA components. Per USGBC provider guidelines, GBCI Credential Maintenance Program participants self-report their GBCI CE hours through “My Credentials” at

    More information can be found here:

  • When will my credits be reported?
  • Per the AIA provider guidelines, CertainTeed reports course completion to AIA every 10 business days. Please ensure that your AIA number is in your account profile.
  • Do you report to any Canadian organizations?
  • Our users maintain affiliations with many Canadian organizations - at this time all of these organizations require self-reporting. Your certificate of attendance may be used to demonstrate your attendance.
  • I don’t see my credits on my AIA transcript. Where are they?
  • After CertainTeed reports to the AIA, it may take AIA up to 2 weeks to post your credits.
  • How do I access my certificate?
    1. Log into your account and click on the My Account link in the top navigation



    2. Click on My Certificates in the left navigation



    3. Find your course and click the little icon on the far right. Your certificate will generate in a new window where you can print or download.


  • I didn't receive my log-in information via email. What should I do?
  • Some welcome emails are blocked by company servers or end up in Spam folders. You can reset your password by using the Lost Password function. If you are still having trouble logging in, please use the Contact Us page for assistance or call 800-233-8990.
  • How do I get a copy of the webinar presentation?
  • Please use the Contact Us page for assistance or call 800-233-8990.
  • Where do I enter/update my AIA number to ensure I receive credit when taking a course?
  • Sign into your user account at

    Go to MY ACCOUNT and select MY PROFILE

    Enter new or updated AIA number in the AIA field

    Click UPDATE to confirm changes.

  • I have a product or technical question. Can you refer me to the right person?
  • Absolutely! You can use the Contact Us form or head over to and use the chat function for a quick lookup, or call 800-233-8990.
  • If I retake a course, will I receive credit?
  • AIA FAQs state: 'Some courses (for example, courses on building codes) are often offered periodically with updated content but have the same name and course number. If you take the same course within a 12-month period, you will receive credit once.' You can find more of AIA's frequently asked questions at
  • Are any of your courses LEED specific?
  • CertainTeed has one LEED specific course, BSS66. Learn more about Rating System-specific CE hours here:
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