In-Person and Webinar Preview - Using Product Transparency Information to Design More Sustainable Buildings

Using Product Transparency Information to Design More Sustainable Buildings (BSS71)

Course Description:

When the facts are clear you make the best decisions. This course will explore how transparency documents and sustainable design practices contribute to minimizing environmental impact of the built environment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover how Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Product Declaration Publications help architects and owners select sustainable products that make a minimal environmental impact when specifying products
  • Explain how publications such as Life Cycle Assessment, Environmental Product Declarations and the Product Category Rules are tools to elevate environmental impacts, select the best resources and promote LEED certification for building owners
  • Review how Environmental Product Declarations and other clarifications contribute to minimal environmental impacts during product selection and contributes to sustainable design
  • Describe how sustainable design practices and product selection contribute to realizing minimal impacts to the environment during the manufacturing process.

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