Course Preview - Principles of Attic Ventilation

Principles of Attic Ventilation (0BSP03)

Course Description:

Participants will be provided an examination of the year-round benefits of attic ventilation. Participants will be equipped to evaluate and discern the types of ventilation products and how to design and specify optimal ventilation systems. attic performance. Participants will understand the interrelationships between roofing, ventilation and insulation systems within an attic; how they interact and how they must be integrated into an efficient system.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

  • State some of the year-round benefits of attic ventilation
  • Explain how attic ventilation works
  • Describe some important types of attic ventilation products
  • State the code requirement for attic ventilation
  • Calculate attic ventilation system requirements

Credits: AIA 1.5 AIA (HSW HSW)


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