In-Person and Webinar Preview - Acoustical Measurements for Architectural Reasons

Acoustical Measurements for Architectural Reasons (BSS739)

Course Description:

This course will briefly cover the basics of sound and acoustics and then delve into the commonly used acoustic tests for architectural evaluation of living, work and recreational spaces: reverberation time, transmission loss, STC (sound transmission class) and IIC (impact insulation class). The attendee will see how these metrics are useful in assessing the acoustic “quality” of a given design. We will examine some case studies of how these field measurements were used to formulate a solution to a severe condominium noise problem, and how the results were achieved.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define the term decibel, and state some decibel ranges for common sound situations
  • Provide an informal definition of three widely used sound performance measures
  • Discuss some of the physical and sonic performance properties of three popular materials used for acoustic ceiling panels
  • Describe some acoustical design considerations for: office spaces, educational spaces, and healthcare facilities
  • Describe a general strategy for selecting acoustic panels and give examples
  • Describe research on and a national standard for noise levels in educational settings
  • Describe some of the design implications of a proposed AIA acoustic design standard for healthcare facilities
Credits: AIA 1 AIA (HSW HSW)

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