In-Person and Webinar Preview - Low Slope Roof Insulation featuring Polyisocyanurate

Low Slope Roof Insulation featuring Polyisocyanurate (0BSP39)

Course Description:

Participants will learn the background and current best practices of insulation in low slope roofing applications, with specific focus on polyisocyanurate- the most prevalent form of low slope roofing insulation today. They will learn the terminology and application basics of low slope insulation and gain an understanding of how and when polyisocyanurate is used.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define R-value in technical terms
  • Describe the two types of insulation based on R-value
  • Describe some of the features of polyisocyanurate as an insulating material
  • Explain what the industry is doing about ozone depleting substances
  • Describe some of the uses of polyiso insulation
  • Describe some of the physical properties of polyiso insulation
  • Describe tapered insulation and explain its function
Credits: AIA 1 AIA (HSW HSW) RCI 1 RCI

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