In-Person and Webinar Preview - Addressing Mold, Moisture and Durability Concerns in Pre-Rock Construction

Addressing Mold, Moisture and Durability Concerns in Pre-Rock Construction (BSS076)

Course Description:

Glass mat gypsum panels are changing the interior construction process, allowing for faster, tighter construction schedules. “Pre-rocking,” as it is called, is when gypsum wall board is installed before the building envelop is completed or weather tight. This process not only saves construction time, it also ensures a better quality and code compliant gypsum panel application. This one hour CEU is designed to focus on the science behind moisture and durability in pre-rock conditions in commercial construction and how to streamline the complexities in the construction process.

Learning Objectives:

  • 1. Innovations in construction methods and materials are enabling new options in
  • project delivery. Top-down construction and pre-rocking will be examined.
  • 2. Moisture and its relationship to Indoor Air Quality and durability will be discussed
  • as it relates to these changes in technique and scheduling.
  • 3. We will discuss some of the variations of gypsum boards that are available and
  • how these differences in physical properties can contribute to a more successful
  • application.
  • 4. Environmental considerations are very important and so a discussion of wetting
  • and drying potentials will ensue.
Credits: AIA 1 AIA

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