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Acoustics for Design of Commercial Buildings: Classrooms, Offices, Hospitality and Healthcare (BSS72)

Course Description:

Sound affects the people who occupy a building. Whether they’re pleasant and soothing or annoying, understanding and controlling sound is critical to effective building design and occupant comfort. This course explains basic principles of sound and how sound affects occupants in three different facility types: classrooms, offices, healthcare environments and hotels. This course will arm participants with the knowledge they need to develop & design spaces to mitigate harmful or unwanted sound—otherwise known as noise. This course will also provide the learner with strategies to earn LEED v4 credits through the specification and usage of sustainable wallboard and ceiling products.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the basic principles of sound and how sound affects occupant comfort
  • Demonstrate how reverberation time, signal-to-noise ratio and airborne and structure-borne sound transmission impact the indoor environmental quality of learning, working and resting environments
  • Explain the best construction methods to enhance sound transmission class (STC) ratings of wall systems within different facilities. Identify the key approaches to specifying sustainable sound-control products
  • Understand how to utilize currently available products & design methods to qualify for LEED v4 credits

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