In-Person and Webinar Preview - Optimizing Classroom Acoustics to Overcome HVAC Noise

Optimizing Classroom Acoustics to Overcome HVAC Noise (BSS70)

Course Description:

The American Speech Language Hearing Association indicates that “Reducing noise and reverberation in any space used for learning is important.” This course will explain the basic principles of sound and common sound measurements. Field research on the effects of HVAC noise in the classroom will be presented, with focus on the relationship between signal to noise ratio and speech intelligibility. After this course, designers should feel comfortable presenting innovative and data supported acoustical product and HVAC designs to public and private clients.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the basic principles of sound and how it is measured
  • Understand how sound can affect learner outcomes
  • Differentiate between ANSI and LEED standards for Acoustical performance in classrooms
  • Apply recommended design details for quiet HVAC systems

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