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Seminar - Interior

BSS64:Acoustic Ceilings in the Modern Office

  • Length: 1 Hour
  • Credit: 1
  • AIA
  • HSW: Yes

Course Description:

This course guides the user through a detailed examination of the acoustic characteristics necessary to comprehend the more complex performance criteria used in designing private and open offices. It includes a review of the arbitrary ranking of areas of importance in designing private and open offices. This course also explores how the value of such advanced acoustic design can be translated to a conceptual level understandable to architectural clients.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

  • • Define of frequency as it applies to hearing
  • • Understand acoustic terms such as NRC, AC, PI, CAC and sound isolation
  • • Consider acoustic needs for private office and open office spaces
  • • Explore office design from a ceilings perspective in relationship to the upcoming LEED version 4

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